Bulbs for shade ?

Gastil marygastil@yahoo.com
Sun, 29 Jul 2012 12:54:09 PDT

Ina wrote: "Do Clivias count?  As they love shade, mine grow in dry and in wet shade." 

Ah, but she gardens in zone 10, where Clivia thrive. 

The person asking is in zone 5b. They would need to keep Clivia in a greenhouse. 

Not having any experience with cold winters myself, I will not suggest what to plant in shade to get pop color. 
But I do suggest trying the Brent & Becky catalog "Bulb Finder" tool. You can select zone and shade and 
several other parameters to get suggestions. I searched for zone 5, full shade, and blue and got 5 Scilla suggested. 
Not much for the other colors.  So I see why this question came up.

- Gastil

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