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Fred Biasella
Thu, 12 Jul 2012 09:02:19 PDT
Hi Randy and All,

The only time I use vermiculite (with perlie) 50/50, is when I'm rooting something. My mixture is remarkably similar to Randy's. I use 50% commercial mix (ProMix BX), 10% coarse (drilling) sand, 10% de-salinated small coco-chips, 10% small bark chips, 10% pumice and 10% small charcoal chips. 

Since I live in Cambridge (Boston) MA and my plants spend their summer outside, I need a growing medium that will drain quickly due to our rather frequent down pours.


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Lots of suggestions for growing medium.
I don't see Vermiculite in anyone -elses- medium. Is there a reason for that?
My medium is 50% commercial potting mix (usually Miracle Grow), 10% coarse sand, 10% vermiculite, 10% chicken gravel, 10% perlite, 5% coir, 5% compost.
I'll typically add extra vermiculite to the top inch or so if sowing seeds, and use vermiculite to cover most seeds.
I add some extra sand in the case of plants that require extra good drainage.
Randy R

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