Lycoris chinensis

James Waddick
Fri, 06 Jul 2012 10:20:09 PDT
>My Lycoris chinensis,.....seems awfully early for a  Lycoris to 
>bloom. What is the earliest that any Lycoris species normally blooms?

Dear Lee,
	I agree, but in your climate this may be the norm. Here in 
Kansas City they don't bloom until August or so along with L. 
squamigera and L. longituba.

	It seems clear that they can delay their bloom based on lack 
of rain fall/ soil moisture. We are currently experience a severe 
drought here and extremely high temps  (103-105 expected today) so I 
expect a late bloom unless things change drastically which is NOT 

	I'd have to compare bloom time for others in mild climates to 
compare. Diana seems to have similar experience.

	And generally Lycoris do not do well in pots and bloom poorly 
in my experience.

	Congrats though on the bloom. A nice bloom for mid-late 
summer when some bulb flowers are in short supply.

			Best		Jim W.
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