Lycoris chinensis

aaron floden
Tue, 10 Jul 2012 08:53:41 PDT
Two odd flowering stems here on L. chinensis, but no sign of the other dozen or more yet.

Usually L. sanguinea is the first up in flower for me and the others follow after that.

 Aaron, E Tennessee

--- On Fri, 7/6/12, Lee Poulsen <> wrote:

My Lycoris chinensis, that I got from Jim Waddick about 4 years ago I think, started sending up a scape at the end of June and is now in full bloom. This is the first time it has bloomed for me. It is not growing in the conditions best suited for it I think. For one, southern California doesn't get anywhere close to the cold weather that I think it experiences in its native climate. And two, it has been growing in a 3 gallon pot all that time. Lycoris usually don't do well in pots. But my main question is that it seems awfully early for a  Lycoris to bloom. What is the earliest that any Lycoris species normally blooms? 

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