Growing bulbs in the bay area

Michael Mace
Mon, 23 Jul 2012 12:41:10 PDT
Michelle wrote:

>>I'm a bit discouraged (though not entirely surprised) to hear about the
calochortus (sp?) likely not doing well. 

I hope I didn't discourage you too much.  They are particular as opposed to
difficult.  On other words, if you get the conditions right, they will grow
pretty darned well.  I saw rows of Calochortus growing vigorously in Bob
Werra's garden in Ukiah, CA.  But he had them on a south-facing slope that
had been cleared of weeds and protected from deer.

>>How often do native species show up in the BX?

Almost all the things we trade are species that are native to somewhere  ;-)
But I assume you mean California native species, and it depends on the
species.  There are usually a few Calochortus species each year, plus a
larger number of Brodiaea/Allium/Bloomeria, etc.  Usually seeds as opposed
to bulbs.

San Jose, CA

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