Snowdrops and hellebores seed

Pacific Rim
Fri, 27 Jul 2012 21:22:49 PDT
Tom Mitchell's list is one for connoisseurs of plants, English and taxonomy. 
I've already ordered from it and urge you all to take a look. These 
treasures don't fall from the sky every day.

Paige Woodward

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> My good friend Tom Mitchell has just released his latest catalogue of wild
> collected seeds, focusing on two of his several specialties, Galanthus and
> Helleborus species.  The seeds offered are very exciting but if you are
> interested in such things you take a look at it even if you don't want any
> seeds.  In the tradition of Tom's 'seed lists' it is a masterpiece in its
> own right, a work of art and a true reference to everything ranging from
> wild distribution and habitat to cultural tips and nomenclature.
> You can find it at
> Best,

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