Cyclamen in the midwest

Peter Taggart
Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:37:47 PDT
Cyclamen graecum usually, but not always, dies if the tuber freezes. It is
a crevice plant with a tap root and can be grown in rocks or under some
inches of gravel.
Different Cyclamen are designed for different habitats as Tony suggests,
this shows in their root arrangement.
Peter (UK)

  Different species like to be planted at different depths...C.
hederifolium likes to be shallow with the tuber showing, while C. graecum
and C. coum like to have the tuber covered several inches deep.  Most
cyclamen prefer light open shade with even an hour or two of sun,
preferably in the morning.  We have found that good soil preparation with
lots of compost makes a HUGE difference in the performance of cyclamen in
the garden. If you just throw them into poorly prepared ground, your
results will not be good. Cyclamen need to be dry in the summer during
dormancy.  We found that this can be best accomplished by putting them near
a large tree or shrub.  Cyclamen actually don't mind summer irrigation as
long as the soil dries quickly.  I would encourage folks not to give up
after a few failures.

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