Cyclamen in the midwest

James Waddick
Sun, 29 Jul 2012 14:56:50 PDT
Dear PBS,
	I have to agree with Jim Sheilds here.

	I've planted established plants of coum, purpureum, 
hederifolium, graecum and maybe another.  I've grown a ton of 
seedlings and set them out.

	They either dwindle in a year or two or mostly disappear in a 
year - cold? critters? Dry?

	My longest lasting was a box store C. hederifolium which has 
persisted a few years, never produced a viable seedling and let's see 
if it is still there after this drought. Today is day 61 of the 
drought and the temp is 105 F

	I would NEVER recommend or suggest Cyclamen for this area 
except possibly for the experienced grower who wants to try.

		AS they say 'Forgetaboutit'		Jim W.
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