Growing Bulbs in the Bay Area

Michelle Trimble
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 13:04:47 PDT
Mike & Mary Sue,
Thank you for sharing all your suggestions; You've certainly given me much
to consider, and it looks like it will take me many seasons of
experimenting to find what works. I hope to make an order with California
Native Bulbs when their 2012 season starts. I'd like to try some trillium
(I grew up with the east coast varieties, and looking at it makes me
nostalgic). I'm a bit discouraged (though not entirely surprised) to hear
about the calochortus (sp?) likely not doing well. I'll still give it a
try, and plant all these in wire baskets in the ground (like I am for all
my other non-bulb plants) to provide some minimal protection from gophers.

How often do native species show up in the BX?

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