Albuca humlis
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:50:18 PDT
Hi Ellen,
My A. humilis are still in pots, but I have had A. shawii outside for many years without protection, they are blooming right now.  The bulbs are surprisingly close to the surface, they do not go deep, so they have surely been frozen many times before. Last year I also set out some Ledebouria cooperi, they came thru last winter (admittedly a very mild one) beautifully.

Tuckahoe NY Z6/7




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Is anyone out there growing Albuca humilis in the north in an unprotected
garden?  I was surprised to find that several pots that I took with me when
I moved from NY to MA overwintered outside above the ground (covered with
oak leaves).  The pots did freeze solid - this I know - and yet the bulbs
are fine, and have sent up foliage and, in some cases, flowers.  These are
from seed collected at Naude's Nek (high altitude), where I'm sure they
also freeze, but of course there's more to hardiness than just cold
tolerance.  These seem like really sturdy little guys - and they're
good-looking, too.  Anyone?


Ellen Hornig
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