Lily photos from the "State of Jefferson"

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One more little bit on the State of Jefferson.  Don't be too quick to write
it off as a libertarian effort.  Lots of Dems and Repubs. around here
support the idea :)  The idea is to get Sacramento and Portland out of the
mix and let the locals make decisions for ourselves.   As for Ashland, it
would fit just fine.  

As for the unique geologic areas, I am from Trinity County, Calif. and there
is a "Johnny Jump Up", sorry I don't remember the scientific name, that I
found when I was doing a plant collection for Tax. Bot. that is said to be
located only there and in Africa.  I never have been able to wrap my head
around that little fact.

Colleen who spent many years in S. Or. and now is back in N. Calif.  

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Whoa! Didn't mean to start a political hullaballo! Wasn't intended. 
When I am down there sometimes I am in Oregon and sometimes I am in
California.  Regardless I don't think I am in either state but somewhere
else.  The State of Shasta the State of Jefferson the Siskiyous or Klamath
Country it is certainly singular.  The unique geologic, plant life,
watercourses, and animals all contribute to this "state of mind."

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Though off topic, I think  your questions re the questionable viability of
the "State of Jeffeson" to be quite valid.  Having lived in Mendocino, I
can't imagine the Mat-Eel community or Ashland going along with the core
values the proponents of this movement.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Jane McGary

> Lovely photos by Stephen Munro! I'm glad to know his camera started 
> working again, and that he didn't have to depend for a photo of C.
> howellii on the one he took here with his phone. I enjoyed talking 
> with Stephen; he says he is the youngest member of the Northwestern 
> chapter of NARGS, and I hope he can recruit some contemporaries into 
> both it and the PBS.
> The "State of Jefferson" in his subject line refers to a sporadic 
> movement to combine southern Oregon and northern California into a 
> separate state. Rural, resource-exploiting, and libertarian interests 
> drove it, but with gentrified Ashland and Arcata in the mix, how would 
> that work?
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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