Lycoris Planting Challege!

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 12:07:35 PDT
While my comments do not pertain specifically to Lycoris, I think planting
depths are only a guideline and are not specific in all cases.  In the harsh
climate of NE Calif and N Nevada, my friends and I have found that we often
have to plant something deeper than most anyone would think a sane person
would consider in order to see a bulb last from year to year.

Colleen NE Calif
our winter lows have ranged from mid teens to -32F.  Two years ago it was
-22F, but this year we only got to the single digits.

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> 	This is a frequent discussion, but some bulbs do not take to growing

> in pots although the reason may not be clear.  And some may be very 
> slow to adjust to incorrect planting depth. Indeed Lycoris do not 
> bloom well in pots and they have preferred planting depths. Other 
> bulbs are far more tolerant.

After reading several mails about preferred planting depth of Lycoris I'm
curious about what depth this may be.


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