Lycoris Planting Challege!

Joyce Miller
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 12:19:24 PDT
... but some bulbs do not take to  growing in pots ....

This thread has explained and clarified some propagating behavior about the 
Lycoris.  Earlier this spring I told the group I had seen a few radicals 
emerging in  four gallon pots of Lycoris. They were in porous media with a 
layer of #2 turkey grit, in GH with min. 60 degree Fahrenheit and kept 
moist.  I did not understand why the cotyledon never appeared.  In May, I 
began dumping the pots.  Incredibly, I found bulbs, roots and leaves about 4 
inches below surface in one gallon pots.  I quickly re-potted to the same 
depth in the gallon pots, watered in and plunged in the outdoor propagation 
    No top growth sighted to date.  My realistic choices are to leave in the 
pots or transplant to ground.  I choose to let the bulbs remain in the pots.
Best wishes,  Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon, USA, USDA Zone 8.

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