Musa corms

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The term "corm" is inconsistently defined by various sources, including a
number of botanical dictionaries. The better definition, in my view, is one
that can be usefully confined to bulb-like stems comprised of several nodes
and internodes that are *completely exhausted and renewed each season*.
Examples include Crocus, Gladiolus, Amorphophallus (not quite all), and
many South African irids. "Bulb" can also be closely defined, which usually
leaves "tuber" as the catch-all category for other geophytes.

Calling a banana rhizome a "corm" is like calling a palm trunk a "caudex",
which is an older use of a word now applied to very different structures.


On 3 June 2012 16:00, Steven <> wrote:

> To answer your question on Musa Peter.
> I have been told by commercial banana growers that bananas are a corm &
> the plant is actually a stool...
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> On 04/06/2012, at 1:38 AM, Peter Taggart <> wrote:
>  I read on wikipedia that Musa havecorms, -stated with confidence. Perhaps
> it is true?
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