Lycoris Planting Challege!

Bill Lee
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 10:55:56 PDT

I have a bag of L. squamigera that were dug this past weekend at a farm in Michigan. An expert from MOBOT said they should be plamted righ away with an inch or two of the top left exposed.
Bill Lee

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>Rodney Wrote:	L. radiata is a common pass-a-round plant here. I 
find that it is sensitive to planting depth. Planted at the wrong 
dept it will take the time to form a new bulb at it's preferred 
depth before flowering.
  Yuwen Cui wrote:		For they still have fresh roots when 
dormancy, which, if damaged, the plant will take several years to 
recover and bloom.
Dear Friends,
This is a frequent discussion, but some bulbs do not take to 
rowing in pots although the reason may not be clear.  And some may 
e very slow to adjust to incorrect planting depth. Indeed Lycoris do 
ot bloom well in pots and they have preferred planting depths. Other 
ulbs are far more tolerant.
	This is the value of this group as we discuss specific 
xamples of what works and what fails.
	I love to hear of these challenges.	Makes the next round 
o much easier.	Best	Jim W.
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