Lily photos from the "State of Jefferson"

stephen munro
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 15:19:14 PDT
I was lucky to time my trip down to the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon and California to coincide with the blooming of a couple rare Lily species and one Calochortus species..  They are Lilium bolanderi, Lilium vollmeri (pardalinum subsp. vollmeri if you want) and Calochortus howelli.  Unfortunately I could not find Lilium wigginsi and I was a couple weeks early to catch L. washingtonianum and kellogii as I found one lily that appeared to be one or the other in bud.  
The clump of Vollmer's lily I photographed was amazing.  Dozens and dozens of them with numerous flower heads growing up to or above 90 cm. I hope they will stay safe and undug.
The weather was poor down there with rain and lows in the thirties and highs just into the fifties.  To my disappointment the weather there as of this afternoon and into the weekend will be in the 80s and clear.  Thats the breaks!
Stephen Munro
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Mary Sue wrote,
At 08:29 PM 6/22/2012, you wrote:
>My Calochortus report is that something has decided the flowers are
>very tasty.  Most of mine with just a few exceptions had the stems
>shortened before the buds opened.

This happened for two years in my bulb frames, and the culprits were 
rabbits. I actually caught a pair of young ones in there after I had 
tried to protect the flowering stems with bird netting.

Jane McGary

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