Ornithogalum adseptentrionesvergentulum

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 Rare plants say:


A very rare species, described only in 1996. It remains barely known. The Latin name translates as ?the little chap inclined towards the north? and refers to the fact that the leaves usually point north.



On 06/09/12, David Ehrlich wrote:

I take it to mean little (plant) that bends to the north. By the way, what does 
Ornithogalum (bird-milk?) come from

Also, Alberto, how often does one have a chance to complain about a 
sesquipedalian specific epithet? For that matter, haow often does one have the 
chance to use the word sesquipedalian?

David E.

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It could translate as 

north of the short bend

or north of the little end of the road

Perhaps our expert Jane could clarify this further.


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