appreciating this list

Wed, 27 Jun 2012 08:23:21 PDT
Hi Mary,

I have had a problem with cats rearranging things in pots, not using the
pots, just curious I guess.  I also have a very small breed of chickens that
live outside 24/7 and I have found that they are offended by name tags in
pots.  They (generally the hens) will go along and pull out every tag.  When
I replace them, they do it again.  I now have some nameless pots.

Colleen NE Calif.

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Subject: [pbs] appreciating this list

I was struck by the beauty and diversity of the photos showing plants and
scenery that were posted by list members today. This mailing list allows me
to appreciate natural beauty that I will likely never see in person.

And I have a bulb question -- I apologize if this question has been asked
and answered in this forum before, and I missed it. Anyway, I grow my South
African bulbs in pots in an unheated greenhouse, and after the winter
bloomers go dormant and the weather warms up, I move them onto racks outside
where they will spend the summer.

Some creature is rearranging my bulbs. We have squirrels in the
neighborhood, but I don't usually have them in my garden because of my dog.
Would other rodents do this? (ick) Raccoons? Something digs in the pots in
the early summer (now), and in the winter I find lachenalia coming up in the

I don't contribute to the PBS list conversations often, but I always
appreciate what I see and read.


Mary G.

PS. Thanks to Nathan Lange, I was able to import some Crinum macowanii seed
last winter. I now have a permit to import small lots of seed -- I'm happy
to help if anyone needs to receive seed from outside the US.

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