Manfreda "Chocolate Chips"

Dennis Kramb
Sun, 24 Jun 2012 13:49:14 PDT
While browsing at the local nursery I found something that caught my
eye: Manfreda "Chocolate Chips"

Nurseries around here don't typically carry what I consider to be
"southwest" plants.  So I was really surprised to find not just a
southwest plant... but a Manfreda... a genus that I am kinda in lust
with.  (I'm growing oodles of Polianthes, Manfreda, and Bravoa from BX
seed in the hopes of crossing them with my Manfreda virginica.  And
I'm really surprised how well many of them do as indoor houseplants
year round, although none are old enough to bloom yet.)

There were 3 specimens left (all of them were passed blooming) so I
picked the one that had the most seed pods (5 of them!).  I had a gift
card as well, so this plant only cost me $7.50 (instead of $20  --
which is cheap considering Yucca Do (the originator of this plant)
sells it for $18.50).

The real trick was driving it home.  Luckily I had my jeep, and the
top was off, and I managed to prop it up just right to make it home

That bloom stalk is about 6 feet tall.

So now I have to research the wiki and the googlenets to find out the
best way to grow this at my home.  I'm guessing potted, so it can be
brought indoors for winter.

Very excited on a very "southwest" hot day in southwest Ohio...
Dennis in Cincinnati

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