Ornithogalum identification help

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Wed, 13 Jun 2012 00:18:45 PDT
Hello Roland and Dietrich,
Indeed it  is close to O narbonense (ofwhich I got quite a stock here) but:
1-  this plant is much higher 60cm-70cm 
2. the leaves  are  pale green ( O narbonense more greyish)
3.  Flowers ere creamy yellow  (not white) petals are  narrower and slightly 
longer than O narbonense
4 seed capsules are  exactly like O narbonense
4 flowering part of the spike is 20-30cm long 
5 flower bracts too late to verify
 It could be O.pyranaicum, but I cannot find much information on that 

Greetings from
south of France  (Arles  between Marseille and Montpellier)
Lauw de Jager
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that is most likely Ornithogalum narbonense L.
In Ornithogalum narbonense L. the bracts should be twice as long as the
flower buds. Unfortunately I cannot check this character on the photo.
The other Ornithogalum with a similar habit indigenous to southern
France is O. pyrenaicum with greenish (not pure white flowers inside).

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