Rock & Roll Alstroemeria

Fri, 01 Jun 2012 23:08:50 PDT
I grow several dwarf ones (not the variegated one as it became a weed in 
my garden as did the aurea one) which thrive over autumn (fall), not bad 
over winter, and thriving again in spring.  Over summer there is a bit 
of a show.  Mine are in full sun.

This year bought a very dark one  which is called Inticancha Temple of 
the Sun- dark purple.  I tried to keep it in the pot but it got smaller 
and smaller, so put it in the garden, not in a full sun place, and it is 
going mad.

Of course this is a warm climate.  I guess if I put mine more in a shady 
position, they would be happier over summer too.

My guess is that it would not be the heat so much as that they do not do 
well in pots.  Their roots would have to be cool, at least that is my 


On 2/06/2012 5:07 p.m., wrote:
> How well do the Rock&  Roll Alstoemeria perform in the long run?   They are
> available at any box store around here being sold as perennials.   While
> the colors&  variegation aren't "for me," they do look great when they  show
> up at the stores but look less than stellar within a week.  I assumed  that
> was due to the lack of care, but now I'm thinking it is the heat.
> --Jerry Lehmann, Olathe, KS, USA

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