Alstroemeria question

James Waddick
Thu, 31 May 2012 21:03:58 PDT
>Would it be possible to grow Alstroemeria in Southern Illinois?

Dear Mary Sue and all,
	Yes, but... If you check out Alstroemeria at Plant Delights 
Nursery for example you'll see a number of hardy cv that are listed 
as Zone  5b which should include Southern Ill. I grew A. psitticina 
here (Kansas City, MO) for years until a cold winter got it.

	Milder recent winter would probably allow even more sp and cv to grow.

	Depending on the specific microclimate the person making the 
request might have quite a choice of cvs to grow.

	I noticed this spring that local garden centers are offing 
maybe half dozen cvs locally.

		Good luck and choose the planting location wisely. 
		Jim W.
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