Spreading Weeds

david silkwood silkie@frontiernet.net
Fri, 01 Jun 2012 15:11:53 PDT
We have a Norway Maple and it has not spread at all.  I don't know how old
it is, but it is at least 35.  Our climate is so harsh that sometimes I like
plants that are termed "invasive" thinking it might mean they will actually
grow here.  It took years before my mint decided to spread and it still is
not terribly invasive.

Colleen NE Calif.

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I agree, Jim - Many plants are weedy to some people, and for this reason,
they are not shared - although a lot of us would love to have some. Not just
Alstro's, but others, too! 

Here's a neat example: A customer of mine was thankful that I was able to
provide him with Norway Maples, a very weedy tree here, because he lives in
a place they are not found. 

It might be a neat idea for us to start a list compilation of what we have,
that are weeds, and basically keep a database so that people can request our
weeds, without inundating Dell with weeds! 

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