Thunia alba, A Bulb-like Orchid

Passiflora Cui
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 23:57:18 PDT
Thunia alba, a bulb-like orchid
Passiflora Cui

Though it is an orchid, the outgrowth is somewhat like that of Dendrobium. flowers at the top of its stem with large flowers which have pure white petals and yellow lip. It's a fast-growing orchid and its root will pervade the 11.5cm-diametered terra-cotta pot in two months. however, in winter, all the roots will die back with the leaves. And I just cut off the roots and harvested the bare stems like bulbs. The stems formed last year will also withered and could be cut off. They should be potted when the new buds is germinating from the bottom of the old stem. So every spring, the new stems and roots forming, and every winter the roots, leaves and old stems withering, much like some summer-growing bulbs.

Passiflora Cui
Anhui, Hefei, China

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