Lilium humboldtii ssp ocellatum

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Wiggins (1980) says that no specimens from Baja California have been seen
of any Lilium spp., "but there are three that occur in adjacent San Diego
Co., California, and any one of these, or all of them, may be discovered in
some poorly explored canyon or cienega [spring] in the Sierras Juarez or
San Pedro Martir." He provides a key to L. parryi, L. humboldtii var.
bloomerianum [a sort of southern form generally disregarded formally] and
L. pardalinum.

These are not unreasonable suppositions based on what is known of other
plants that occur on both sides of the border. The area of the state of
Baja California is substantially clothed in Mediterranean vegetation, and
the taller mountains there (mentioned above) are an extension of our own
Peninsular Ranges.

It should be noted that there is currently very intensive botanical
exploration ongoing in this part of the world. Most of it is being driven
by the San Diego Museum of Natural History, which already has substantial
Baja herbarium collections. The original floristic treatment (Wiggins) is
inadequate and out of date and a new proper flora is one of the major goals.

Maybe other lilies are sneaking down the eastern side of the Sierra Madre?


On 10 June 2012 18:33, Jim McKenney <> wrote:

> Dylan wrote: " I'm not sure if this lilymakes it into Mexico ..."
> Dylan, do you know if there are any believable records for any indigenous
> Lilium species in Mexico? Over the years I've seen vague references to the
> possibility that some forms of Californian Lilium (usually it is L.
> pardalinum which is mentioned) might exist in Mexican populations. I'm keen
> to hear about this if such are known to exist, or if now extirpated
> populations are represented by herbarium material with collection data.
> Jim McKenney
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