FREESIAS? -their corms

Jane McGary
Sun, 03 Jun 2012 11:21:18 PDT
Peter wrote,
>Surely you mean that the minimum order is 50 corms for $34.50
>I have never yet, to my knowlege, seen a Freesia "bulb".
>-no wonder people get confused.....

Well, yes, I do know the difference between a bulb and a corm, having 
repotted tens of thousands of them over the years, but I am human and 
was looking at the price list and writing an e-mail. And after all, 
we decided to call ourselves the Pacific Bulb Society when we could 
have chosen the Pacific and All Other Geographical Areas Bulb, Corm, 
Tuber, and Large Rhizome Society. I do draw my own line at banana 
plants, but my "bulb" collection hosts such outliers as deciduous 
Lewisia species and geophytic Delphinium.

I do correct people about "autumn crocus," misused here as in the 
homeland of our mutual and variable language, but if they say it has 
a bulb, I don't object unless I'm wearing my professional hat as an editor.

Best regards,
Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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