Moraea vespertina culture

Michael Mace
Sat, 30 Jun 2012 16:18:49 PDT
John wrote:

>>Any advice on how to grow this? I thought it was dormant, so put it away
for the summer. But checking my collection, I found one had thrown up a
shoot. Is it a summer or winter grower? Water? Sun? Looking for any info.

Bob Werra gave me a few of these, plus some advice on how to grow them.

First of all, they are winter/spring growers.  The leaves grow in winter,
the flowers in mid-to late-spring (at least that's what they do for me).
The flowering period is quite long; in fact, one of mine is still putting
out occasional blooms, even though it also has nearly-mature seed pods on

The plants HATE being in pots of any kind.  I have some in a regular
(8-inch) pot that did not bloom at all this year.  I put others in a treepot
(14 inches deep) and they put up a couple of ratty-looking flowers.  But I
grew a few in the ground, in my heavy clay subsoil, and they bloomed
magnificently.  Bob reported the same sort of thing (he's the one who
figured it out).

The corms are large, thick and wrinkled, more like a Watsonia corm than what
you'd expect from a Moraea. 

These plants are tough.  Although yours is confused, I would be inclined to
plant it in the ground somewhere where you can give it occasional summer
water, and see what happens.

General cultural advice:  Lots of sun, and regular watering when in growth.

Hope that helps.

San Jose, CA

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