Rhodophiala: A Nederland Challege!

Passiflora Cui capebulbs@gmail.com
Mon, 04 Jun 2012 07:50:25 PDT
Jane McGary wrote:

"Finally, in regard to pots vs. open ground for bulbs, I find that 
most of the larger ones are far better without root restriction. "

Not only the larger ones are most suitable for ground, however, some small bulbs are also need to be grown on the ground, or they are difficult to bloom. Such as the most common Lycoris species in China, L. radiata, though the average diameter of their bulbs can not be larger than 3cm, they're still not fit for pots. When I was a small child, I grew 4 bulbs in a 15-inch earthen pot, they struggled in the pot and one of them flowered only 4 buds 4 years later since I transplanted them from the mountains in Nanchang. and the bulbs some became exhausted after flowering. However, those grown in the ground flowered every year, always with two scapes per bulb and one scape often bore 6~8flowers. As L. radiata is among the smallest sized species of genus Lycoris , it's still not fit for pots. So let alone those with larger bulbs with the diameter as large as more than 5cm such as L. longituba and L. aurea. 
In addition, they are not pleased to be moved frequently like Boophone and Burnsvigia. For they still have fresh roots when dormancy, which, if damaged, the plant will take several years to recover and bloom.

Passiflora Cui (Yuwen Cui)
Hefei, Anhui, China

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