Hyacinthus, What's happening

Reichjke de kuypeurs Rheinlander95@broadstripe.net
Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:13:30 PST
Thanks Jim W. for your posting. Hyacinthus cvs. and  species etc. are  
currently my favorite bulb to collect and grow.
I, too, grow Hyacinthus litwinowii, orientalis chinophilus, and  
transcaspicus.    The first two species were  Archibald offerings, H.   
transcaspicus came from  a private collector. I'm hoping for some  
bloom this season.
Lately, a number of historical hybrids have become available,   
originating from the primo supplier, Edward Shipper, in the UK.      
Old House Gardens  of Michigan offers some of these hybrids from Mr.  
Shipper, but another supplier In N.J. also has an ample offering of  
hybrids, as well as another commercial grower in the Netherlands.
I propagate from bulbils formed  by cleaning the basal plate, and  
slicing the bottom of the bulb into 6 sections, by making 3 cuts  
through the basal plate, but leaving the  bulb intact at the top of  
the bulb.
It forms multiple bulblets where the cuts have been made. I remove the  
bulbils, and plant them shallowly in a pan
of sandy compost and grow them on.
The Holland Bulb Council  recommends regular  feeding, once in the  
Fall, once in early Spring, and yet again
after  flowering.    I use Holland Bulb Booster, and have had great  
results.   It's a 9-9-6   analysis, which, apparently  is what the  
bulbs want to keep them up to size.

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