Galanthomania in the US

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 05:21:07 PST
 you will be glad to know that one of my best findings is called 'Ecusson d'Or' a nivalis selection with real yellow markings on the outside of the sepals.It is only one of two snowdrops that have yellow outside and the other one 'Goldfinch', is a miserable thing. And that Joe Sharman had on his list last year Galanthus reginae-olgae 'Pink Panther' the first truely pink snowdrop!
The record breaker on e-bay so far was the yellow form of Galanthus woronowii. Nice but really not worth the price I think.
Kind regards,
Mark W  Brown,
1924 route de la mer,
76119 Sainte Marguerite-sur-mer,

" Now, I certainly wouldn't mind having one of the so-called yellow 
> galanthus (yellowish peduncles and yellowish markings on the white 
> petals), but even so, wouldn't pay much for it, I don't suppose I'll 
> ever have one. Now if only there were Galanthus with pink flowers, or 
> any color other than white and green."
> Mark McDonough"
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