Crinum Identification please

Jim Lykos
Tue, 20 Mar 2012 09:48:23 PDT
Hi Steven and Randy,

I saw the Crinum in your picture in full flowering at Tully Heads (Tropical 
Queensland) in a front yard of home a month before the devastating cyclone 
destroyed much of Tully about 14 months ago. One point of distinction from 
C. gowenii is that the plant at Tully was very robust with  wide leaves 
about 1.3 metres high and there were many mature bulb offsets and large 
broad flowers - the scape was thick and showing flowers just above the 
foliage  - instead of well above the foliage as seen in most C. bulbispernum 

Jim Lykos

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Your crinum appears to me to be a goweni type. here's a picture of my goweni 
Hoboken last summer.…

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