Flora Olomouc - Spring Edition

A. M. Walnik annamwal@interia.pl
Wed, 21 Mar 2012 15:11:49 PDT
Thanks to all for responses on my mail ("On my Windowsill").
Now I would like to introduce a great flower and garden exhibition named 
Flora Olomouc. Its spring edition is organized on 19th to 22nd of April in 
Czech town of Olomouc, not far from Polish border. There are always very 
interesting expositions of flowers and everything related to them. And there 
one can buy many plants and all to a garden.
The English page is only for general information: http://www.flora-ol.cz/en/ 
. And the town is here:
Maybe someone will be in central Europe those days...
Marek Walnik, Poland

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