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steven hart
Wed, 07 Mar 2012 21:51:36 PST
On 7 March 2012 08:11, The Silent Seed <> wrote:
To make a long story short, I'm going to Denmark next week. I will be going
to the Copenhagen Botanical Garden. Are there any other places I should
visit - plant related?

Hi Randy, if you like to stroll around beautiful old cities, some of the
parks & gardens around Copenhagen are lovely, the Royal Palace gardens are
simple but really nice, well regimented box garden style.. It is a city of
fantastic bronze sculptures & imposing bronze spires on many buildings. So
keep your camera handy...One Bronze worth seeing is near the old military
base not far from the palace, walking away from town toward the river
toward the little mermaid bronze on the river, from memory, it is a much
larger than life size chariot driver with a steeming bullock team in full
stride, its amassing & one of my favorites, & another i loved is of a
family looking up from beneath the water as you look off one of the many
small bridges. Try to go to the tourist info & get some sculpture, parks &
buildings maps. There is also nice old sailing boats & rigged ships in many
of the water ways. O & watch your bicycle they often end up in the canals,
you might see a few old war style ones under the water.

I have spent lots of time in Scandinavia, & if you have time on your hands
to do a spectacular cruse, while your so close !  I once did a trip to
Kirkenes, on the border of Russia, Finland & Norway, you can then catch the
coastal steamers " freight & tour ships" down the coast of Norway & you can
get on & off at each port or stay overnight & catch the next ship, as they
wind their way down the 5000km coastline from the arctic circle &
throughout many feords, the tundra vegetation is very unique & very
interesting & suposed to be spectacular in the melt seasons, along with the
beautiful Norwegian Spruce forests. Although i did it in mid winter on a
very cold year it was minus 22* celcious when i got on the ship, so it was
a fantasy of giant frozen water falls hundreds of meters long in vibrant
blues & greens.. White & blue ice burgs along the costline, & sunrise that
quickly fell into sunset all day long, every night the sky was lit up with
the giant swirling greens of the northern aurora borealis.

You can get off in Burgin the old capital of Norway, & one of the only
cities that has original heritage buildings, that were not burnt down or
machine gunned by Hitler during his frustrated retreat from the Russians.
The Norway in a Nut Shell tour is excellent & you can also go up the local
mountain & again the snow stressed tundra style vegetation is very

Steven : )
Esk Queensland Australia
Summer Zone 5  Winter Zone 10

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