Galanthomania in the US

Mark McDonough
Sun, 04 Mar 2012 14:04:01 PST
Mark BROWN <> wrote:

> Mark,
> you will be glad to know that one of my best findings is called 
> 'Ecusson d'Or' a nivalis selection with real yellow markings on the 
> outside >of the sepals.It is only one of two snowdrops that have 
> yellow outside and the other one 'Goldfinch', is a miserable thing. 
> And that Joe >Sharman had on his list last year Galanthus 
> reginae-olgae 'Pink Panther' the first truely pink snowdrop!
> The record breaker on e-bay so far was the yellow form of Galanthus 
> woronowii. Nice but really not worth the price I think.
> Kind regards,
> Mark.
> Mark W Brown,

Below are two links showing Galanthus 'Ecusson-d-Or'. Most of the 
"yellow" snowdrops have markings and peduncles that remind me of light 
chartreuse pea soup rather than truly golden.  Nice plants, but not 
really golden.……

A search on Galanthus 'Pink Panther' shows zero images, but is listed on 
the "" website, but no link to a photo or 
Galanthus reginae-olgae 'Pink Panther'…

Also found a single reference to it on SRGC, as being listed in Joe 
Sharmans January 2011 list, for £150.  Again, no photo or description.…

On a google search found this german forum site from about a year ago, 
here's a translation:
"The sensation of the new list of Monksilver Nursery, is the first time 
ever that a pink snowdrops will be offered for sale: Galanthus 
reginae-olgae subspec. reginae-olgae 'Pink Panther'. 3 are available for 
€ 180.00. I confess that I was too expensive, especially with G. 
reginae-olgae I've never really been successful in my garden"

It seems remarkably curious, in the verdant and niveous world of 
snowdrops, that with such a momentous color break as pink, virtually no 
information can be found about this putative pink, and no photos? 
Equally curious is that on SRGC, with 23855 posts on Galanthus as of 
today when I compose this message, where Galanthomania is a fervant 
obsession, only one mention of the mystery pink snowdrop (in the link I 
provided above).  I'd like to see a photo of it, who can show us a photo 
of pink snowdrops?

Back to so-called "yellow" snowdrops, these look even a bit clearer 
yellow, both very nice ones:

Galanthus nivalis 'Golden Boy'…

Galanthus nivalis byzanthinus 'Schorbuser Irrlicht"…

Mark McDonough
USDA Zone 5
Massachusetts, USA
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