Lycoris sprengeri baby bulbs from seed

Barna Sipos
Sat, 24 Mar 2012 18:08:16 PDT
Hi Gastil,

I have got the same seeds from the PBS BX 279. 
I kept them in wet paper towels until they germinated. It was about one month term. 
There was no cold stratification needed, but I removed the black cover from the seeds that did not want to germinate. I always kept the at room temperature. (20-23C)
I checked them regularly after I planted them in well draining compost, 1 cm under the soil. Last week I found that the seeds are disappeared, 
only the seed coat left, and some little white stub, with rotting ends. I supposed that they died. (somewhere I find that they hate to be in pots, 
and mines are in a 13cm plastic pot) 
I lifted the soil from the pot and I saw there are many healthy roots and some small bulbs. The basal plate was at 6-8 cm under ground.
Then I removed the top layer of the soil, and one little leave started to come up. It was still white and just under the soil surface. 
I did not disturb them since then. I think that they love water. I keep them quite wet all the time.
I suppose all the 4 different types can be at the same stage now.
 (I ordered 1. Lycoris chinensis Yellow 
 2. L. longituba longituba and L. long. flavum. 
 3. L. chinensis x L. longituba. and
 4. L. sprengeri)

Barna Sipos
UK and Hungary

On 24 Mar 2012, at 21:18, Gastil wrote:

> Hi Lycoris growers,
> I have not grown Lycoris before and have only these beginning 
> experiences with bulb seed. And clearly I have not learned patience. A happy surprise today: when I tipped out the soil from a pot of germinated Lycoris sprengeri, which appeared dead and I had given up on, out fell four healthy-looking baby bulbs with roots.  They had merely gone dormant.
> I photographed them along with one of the now-empty shell of one of the seeds.
> Then I quickly re-potted them with fresh seed-starter mix.  Should I keep them dry or damp during their dormancy?  Warm or cool? I did not see what depth they were growing in the pot.  Should they be neck-to-surface?  There is a second pot which also had 4 seeds sprout, which also looks dormant now.  (Well, it looks like nothing but soil.)  Should I re-pot those or leave them as-is? These seedlings have never had a leaf.  The seeds sent out shoots which stuck themselves into the potting soil and turned green on their long necks to the seed. The seeds are from PBS BX 297 #4 from Jim Waddick. Received 8 Dec and soaked until 13 Dec 2011. Germinated 21 Dec. March 2012 nothing visible above soil.
> - Gastil
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