PBS Book Service ?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:35:18 PDT
Dear Friends,
	Sorry to see this somewhat divisive discussion about a new bulb book.

	Perhaps this is time for the PBS to step in. Regular book 
sellers expect a very low number of sales of expensive specialized 
books, thus you will find no discounts at amazon or barnes/noble. 
But, even when a book is published at a seemingly high price to a 
small specialized audience, the publisher is often quite willing to 
make a deal for a quantity purchase to a direct targeted audience.

	I suggest someone from PBS approach Kew Publications and see 
if they can negotiate a discount for a quantity of books.   I did 
this for a book from Oxford Univ. Press a year or so ago for another 
group. Not only did they offer a substantial discount, they offered 
to ship it from their US warehouse instead of the UK origin and 
without taxes. The total discount exceeded some 40% off the list 
price. The small extra cost of mailing it to members in the US (using 
Media Mail special rate) made for a considerable savings.

	I believe PBS would need to order a minimum of 10 copies, but 
then it could be 11, 12 , etc. Depends on what the publisher is 
willing to negotiate. Is someone on the board willing to take on this 
project? Nhu?

	NO NOT ME.			Best		Jim W.

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