The Genus Lachenalia - a new book

Nhu Nguyen
Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:52:16 PDT
I do agree with Dylan on the idea that an exorbitantly expensive book
limits audience. I am exactly as he described - a student who cannot simply
dish out $200 for a single book on any subject. I love lachenalias and
would really like to learn more about them, and in particular how to
identify them. But because of the limitations put on by such a price, I
will have to be content with an older version of Graham's Lachenalia book,
aside from the Wiki.

Philosophically, I think it's unethical to charge excess money for
knowledge be it in books or journals. I do understand the cost of
production, but making a nice profit goes against my ethics. Because of
that, it has truly been a pleasure to be part of the PBS Wiki that
continually provides access of information and photos to everyone who wants
to grow and identify bulbs. It is particularly important these days because
of the alarming drop in people who are interested in gardening. Not
restricting access of information to me is the best way to encourage more
people to be interested in growing bulbs and other plants.


On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 9:10 PM, Hannon <> wrote:

> My only lament is that such a price puts an important work like this
> outside the ability to own it for many, myself included. I suspect most
> who appreciate lachenalias-- if that is even the target audience--  would
> not casually shell out $200 for any book on the subject.

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