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And don't forget the Gesneriad Society annual convention in Seattle in early July. Some of us will be there.. 


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The latest BX includes some donations from me, of the family Gesneriaceae. 

I started growing gesneriads in 2010.  I haven't seen many offered in the 
PBS BX but I joined The Gesneriad Society to obtain seeds from their seed 
bank.  Many of the species are geophytes. 

Lately I am growing more & more Primulina, Petrocosmea, and Aeschynanthus 
species... which are non-geophytic members from Asia.  But next week I'm 
getting some new Sinningia species(& cultivars) to add to my collection 
(South American geophytes). 

I am trying my hand at hybridizing too... attempting to cross things like 
Achimenes, Smithiantha, Niphaea, Diastema, and Gloxinella with each other. 
So far the only cross that produced viable seeds was Diastema & 
Gloxinella.  I'm growing about 100 seedlings now.  I won't know if the 
cross was authentic until they bloom later this year. 

One of the great things about gesneriads is how fast they can bloom from 
seed... many species literally within months.  And many of them are 
prolific reproducers vegetatively with underground & aerial rhizomes. 

This is the time of year that Gesneriad socieities everywhere are having 
BIG shows & sales.  Those are GREAT places for finding new plants for your 
collection.  I know there's a show near Orlando this weekend, and Chicago 
next weekend, and Toronto later this month.  Columbus, Dayton, and 
Cincinnati all have shows coming up soon too.  If you're even just slightly 
interested in gesneriads, I hope you can find & attend a local show & sale. 

Dennis in Cincinnati 
(trying to spread my gezzie addiction to others) 

PS:  I left my Sinningia tubiflora outdoors over the winter.  I'll find out 
soon if it survived or not.  It's supposed to be one of the cold-hardiest 
species of them all. 
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