'permanent' markers

Erin Grace plantnutga@gmail.com
Sat, 17 Mar 2012 04:16:11 PDT
My thoughts exactly!  And further out in the yard my sad mound of old
potting mix sans plants would look even sadder with the addition of a brick
wall engraved with names of past plants remembered....

Erin Grace, Thomasville, GA USA     where it will reach 88 degrees F today
in mid MARCH

 Erle Randallwrote:

> "What an amazing thread! I am astonished by the ingenuity of some of the
> ideas but also humbled by the confidence in the longevity of your plants.
> The box of now redundant labels on my potting bench is bad enough but
> engraved stones & bricks - the back of my greenhoouse would resemble a
> Memorial Park!"

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