'permanent' markers

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I use EON metal labels and then generate the labels on clear address labels on my laser printer. I always print two copies of each label (learned the hard way) and put one on the back of the nameplate as well as one on the front. Bug try to keep them away from the path of the lawnmower.
Bill Lee

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I was reading Alberto's article 'Starting a Bulb Collection II' yesterday
nd noticed the statement that 'permanent' markers are not so. Friends of
ine in this area have been using the PC printed labels that they attach to
eavy vinyl and have seen these last at least five years. These labels  do
ave the advantage that generating them on a PC ensures that labels and
nventory will be maintained consistently (all plant-related data). 
So, the question I have is: While nothing lasts forever, how long do these
permanent' markers actually last?  I must be clear - I am not talking about
mprinted vinyl tabs, but the imprinted tapes that one attaches to a label
tick. I could not see any changes in what my friends (who have a large
romeliad coleection) showed me after 5 years. From this I suspect the thick
inyl will wear away first. Any comments?
an Diego
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