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Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:36:08 PDT
> David Nicholson wrote
>>I grow a few of them [Hyacinthella spp.] and find them unassuming

I also grow several species of Hyacinthella, millegenii,
heldreichii,leucophaea,lineata, and aristoides, glabrescens, hispida
and lazulina.
A few have recently flowered, of which I remove the inflorescences
after 3-4 days, as it helps build the bulb up in size. I use  sharply
drained  native soil, with a bit of compost added, pumice, and a pinch
of volcanic rock dust, rich in  micronutrients.
Several pans of seedlings are slowly germinating, sown with a 3 week
warm period above 50 degrees , and almost 3 months typically hovering
around and mostly below 50 degrees.
Hyacinthoides reverchonii will probably open next week, not this, as
it's been snowing off and on all week here in a wet, chilly Seattle.
Rick Kyper

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