Questions regarding seedlings

Jane McGary
Wed, 14 Mar 2012 09:59:47 PDT
In reply to Sujit's questions about the seedlings being started on a 
windowsill, I would recommend not transplanting any of them until 
they go dormant the first time. Give them liquid fertilizer at half 
the rate recommended on the product, about every three weeks, and 
keep the pots from getting too hot. To prevent the pots being heated 
up too much by the sun, you can place a bar of Styrofoam or similar 
material between the glass and the pots, just as high as the top of the pots.

When a pot of bulb seedlings is very crowded, I sometimes get the 
soil moist enough to hold together (this may be difficult if it 
contains Perlite, which I never use), then make a hole about the seed 
pot's size in a larger pot of soil, and try to put the ball from the 
seed pot into the larger pot without disturbing any roots.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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