Red Begonia Machu Picchu

Sat, 10 Mar 2012 18:23:33 PST
Hello Uli,
I have only one tuber of Begonia veitchii collected from nearby Machu Picchu. It grows well for me and I did get some seeds from the most recent blooms before it went dormant for the winter. I think the seeds are viable- but I have to check for germination. Even so, I can't guarantee the plant is self-fertile until I see the F1 plants with flowers (and I have several other begonia species in the greenhouse.  A friend who traveled with me also has a tuber. I will see if she will let me grow it for a while to see if I can get guaranteed fertile seed of the species.  Keep in touch!

Gregg DeChirico
Santa Barbara, California

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Hi Gregg,

Are you still in this list? A couple of years ago we corresponded about
Begonia veitchii growing in the walls at Machu Picchu. Would you mind
contacting me privately?

Many Thanks, Uli with greetings from Germany

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