Questions regarding seedlings

Sujit Hart
Wed, 14 Mar 2012 08:32:32 PDT
On February 23 I planted several of the seeds I received from the BX. Below
is the list of the results so far with questions for quidance. I planted
them in 4 inch plastic seedling pots with clear plastic saucers and placed
on my kitchen window sill. I used the Miracle Grow potting mix and added
about 50% perlite. I keep the soil moist by watering whenever the soil
feels dry to the touch. The inside temperature of my house is around 75
degree F.

1. Habranthus tubispathus: 10 germinated and cluster in the center of the
pot, should I divide them and if so when?

2. Masonia pustulata: 0

3. Tropaeolum pentaphyllum: 0

4. Zephyranthus drummondii: 5

5. Lilium callosum: 8

6. Arisaema cf. consanjuinum: 2

7. Calochortus vestae (white): 0

8. Haemanthus albiflos: 3

9. Eucomis comosa 'Rosea": 0

10. Lachenalia bachmanii: 5

11. L gillettii: questionable 1

12. Gladiolus priorii: 1

So far more than half of what I planted germinated and I am pleased with
the results. Please advise if I should divide the seedlings that have more
than 5 in one pot. I read that they like to be crowded and should not be
divided until more than a year or so but Habranthus has 10 all crowded in
the center of the pot.

Thanks in advance comments and advices.

Sujit Hart
Houston, Texas where it has been raining for the last few days

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