Galanthus -Palette Musings

James Waddick
Sun, 04 Mar 2012 18:10:23 PST
Dear Friends,
	Recent discussions have given me license to speculate.

	Given that there are ample Galanthus with yellow replacing 
the green markings on the tips, inner petal marks and beyond AND 
given that there are nearly all green flowered Galanthus, it seems a 
short leap to an all yellow Galanthus down the line.

	We have heard rumors of pink and even 'apricot' colored- 
maybe 'tinted' is a better word - flowers. Consider the heritage of 
Galanthus. I believe that among its closer relatives are Leucojum 
(which offers no new color range), but also Acis and the wider 
Scilla. Here you might encounter pink and blue both in the wild and 
in cultivars.  So are these hues just a mutation away?

	It depends.

	One can wonder about inter-generic hybrids of course, but 
unlikely, I think.  Has anyone tried?

	One can speculate about pigment synthesis pathways if you 
have a biochemical bent - even genetic engineering.

	I even wonder about how many modern Galanthus cultivars are 
the result of a planned hybridization program involving hand 
pollination of select varieties and how much is due to random 
proximity of possible parents.

	Surely superior plants can be hand pollinated and progeny 
selected for improved color forms.

	If we have yellow and pink flowers, can orange be far behind? Then red?

	Have we just begun a 'brave new world' of Galanthus in a 
rainbow of colors?

	And can any improve on the purity of snow white drops in 
spring?		Speculatively yours	Jim W.
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