Freesia book

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:09:00 PDT
Speaking of new books, I noticed in the very interesting article by 
Rachel Saunders in the most recent Bulb Garden that there is a new 
book out on Freesia. From the Silverhill website it is described this way:
>Botany and horticulture of the genus Freesia (Strelitzia 27)
>114 pp, a combination taxonomic & horticultural work including 
>colour paintings and photographs for each of the 16 species, a 
>beautiful new book.

This one is much more reasonably priced than the Lachenalia book that 
has generated so much discussion. Granted it isn't as many pages and 
if it is a copy from Strelitzia it is not going to have the binding 
and will be more like a paperback in that regard. Even with shipping 
from South Africa to the United States added in, it's priced at $30.

Arnold, our treasurer, spends many volunteer hours for this group 
since besides collecting money and paying bills he also sends out the 
publications, new member greetings, etc. He arranged a group order 
for Graham Duncan's Grow Bulbs that he is still working on. Perhaps 
we could get someone (Cameron or Rhoda McMaster, Alan Horstmann, Rod 
or Rachel Saunders?) to review the Freesia book for the Bulb Garden 
and consider that as another group book order for Pacific Bulb 
Society US members if the review is positive. People from other 
countries might want to consult the Silverhill website for this 
reasonably priced book.

The trouble with the Lachenalia book besides the high price, is that 
no one has looked at it to see how useful it might be for people who 
are interested in growing this genus. Duncan's previous Lachenalia 
book which was much cheaper at the time it was published I found 
really helpful. My copy has gotten a lot of use. Some bulb books I 
have purchased have spent more time on my bookshelf since they are 
mostly descriptions of plants written in language that requires a 
resource to look up the terms.

The book on South African bulbs that I have used the most is The 
Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs. I even bought a second copy when 
the price was reduced for the day that my first copy falls apart.

Mary Sue

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