tulips in warm climates

Ina Crossley klazina1@gmail.com
Sun, 04 Mar 2012 21:46:15 PST
Max, that really is the absolute max and min.  However, it is a humid 
climate too, so fungal diseases of plants is a problem.

And we can't grow lots of things which like it cooler or have to have a 
chilling period.

Would Tulipa clusiana grow here?  Does it set seed?


On 5/03/2012 6:26 p.m., Max Withers wrote:
> "The absolute maximum recorded temperature is 34.4 °C (93.9 °F),[20]
> while the absolute minimum is -0.6 °C (30.9 °F).

Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand zone 10a

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