David Nicholson d.avensis@virgin.net
Sat, 17 Mar 2012 11:51:12 PDT
I grow a few of them and find them unassuming little plants but in their own 
way very pretty and well worth having a crack at if you can get the bulbs. 
All of mine came from Bob and Rannveig Wallis' List and as they have 
travelled and collected extensively in Turkey I have assumed they came from 
there. Further reading has shown that H milengresii is endemic to Cyprus. I 

H. glabrescens: Mine flowered well in 2011 but has not put in an appearance 
this year. A few days ago I tipped out the pot and bulbs are showing small 
shoots so I assume poor cultivation on my part is the reason. I have a 
picture from 2011 and, as I cannot remember how to put pictures on the Wiki 
I will send it to David Pilling who no doubt, if he has time, will do it in 
the twinkling of an eye . John Lonsdale has some good pictures on his Web 
Site. I also have a pot of H. glabrescens seedlings, sown from seed obtained 
from SRGC in December 2008 which gave me a flower this year.

H. lineata-again possibly Turkey. I have a picture and will deal with it as 

H milengresii-also a non-flowerer, again John Lonsdale has pictures on his 
site. I have read somewhere there is a view that this is an old hybrid 
between H micrantha and heldreichii.

David Nicholson
in Devon, UK. Zone 9b allegedly! 

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