Ellen Hornig
Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:11:37 PDT
I have some interesting E. zambesiaca (I think) with striped foliage
(green/yellow).  My original one was given to me by a friend; when I grew
out a crop of seed, I was surprised to find that many of the seedlings were
variegated.  The striping is somewhat blurred (not sharp-edged), and the
fact that it comes through in seedlings suggests to me that it's the
monocot version of the sort of stippled variegation that is transmitted
from parent to offspring in dicots.  Anyone know?

This is a bit of digression, because the original question was about
yellow-leaved plants.  The question reminded me of these seedlings, because
when I sowed the seed I was hoping for a yellow, which I did not get.

I have to add that the parent bulb's variegation is not stable: the bulb's
offsets have proven to be quite variable.  A pity....


Ellen Hornig
212 Grafton St
Shrewsbury MA 01545

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