Lilium pardalinum culture

clayton3120 clayton3120
Sat, 24 Mar 2012 10:25:17 PDT
I have grown Lilium pardalinum  under some Pine trees with gravelly,
sandy soil, with the pine needles and their compost.  It was always on
the dry side, and these lilies multiplied and naturalized.
They received morning and late afternoon sun, and that was it.
It  is an easy  bulb to grow.
Rick k

On 3/24/12, J. Agoston <> wrote:
> Okay, then I think i need to put them in container, because we don't have
> any rain lately in march, and i have sand like in sahara. I try to put them
> in 8,7 gallon containers with humus, coir and peat, under light shade.
> No worries, i misspelled my name! Thnaks again!
> Janos
> Hungary, Z5
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